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Elephants Running a Prevent Defense

Boys and girls, we have entered very strange air as of late. We’ve crossed that very fine line into George F. Will’s Sports Machine1 territory here: that rare and unsettling … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Can Pick Your Family

This Is An Open Letter to Iowa Conservatives: In just a few days, the eyes of the nation are going to turn to your pleasant, podunk, corn-riddled chunk of the … Continue reading

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Remembering the Greatest Golfer Who Ever Lived

It’s the holidays damn it! I’m on vacation and, quite frankly, I’m in no mood to be writing cogent arguments with proper paragraph structure. That’s right, we’re going weekend update … Continue reading

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254 Million Reasons Why the Los Angeles Angels Won’t Win a World Series With Albert Pujols (Okay, so it’s more like six. Don’t judge me.)

For eleven years, St. Louis Cardinals fans got see the, hands-down, best baseball player of the 2000s play for them. 82 times a year, plus playoffs on all but a … Continue reading

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The Other Socrates

Just saying the man’s name evokes an elegance and an imagination particular to Latin America: Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira. It has a lyricism and a power … Continue reading

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The Game Nobody Wanted…But Everyone’s Getting

You know you love it. Every December it comes around and you claim to be disgusted by this clusterfuck of a system that’s mess of computers and coaches and degree … Continue reading

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Tebow is Magic

At what point do we, as a nation, have to begin seriously entertaining the idea that Timothy Richard Tebow is in fact the second coming of Christ? It sounds preposterous, … Continue reading

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