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And This One Belongs To…

There seems to be this growing perception in the national sports media that baseball is fading into relative obsolescence in the American Consciousness. Football appears to be the end-all be-all … Continue reading

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Eastern Conference Relations

During his 2008 presidential campaign, then-Senator Barack Obama gave a speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia in an effort to allay any controversy about his relationship with the … Continue reading

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(Role) Models

Athletes are all kinds of things to all kinds of people. When Charles Barkley told the world, “I am not a role model,” in the early 90s, Sir Round Mound … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy The Super Bowl if You Don’t Enjoy The Super Bowl

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the NFL in a way that would be deemed unhealthy in anyone who wasn’t still in grade school. Back then, I … Continue reading

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Corporations Are People Too….Really, Really Rich People

For all of his bumbling, incompetent magnificence, Rick Perry may have illuminated a key contradiction inherent in the American Character. God only knows it would take a troglodyte cowboy like … Continue reading

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The Neckbeard Strikes Back

Whenever I see a prominent figure bring up a socially divisive and sensitive subject such as racial inequality or the sanctity marriage, I try to discern two things: a) What … Continue reading

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White Lines

When it comes to matters of race in this country, sport has always been the way we dipped our toes in the water of progressivism to see how it felt. … Continue reading

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